Search Tips for Race Photos - Will Niccolls Photography

Tips for searching images

1.  Find the gallery for your event and click into it to view the images.

2.  Enter your plate or bib number in the search box, and press Enter or click Search.

3.  Results will display for all images found in that gallery with your plate number.

4.  Clicking a result opens the image.  But, beware!  If you scroll to the next image using the arrows, it will scroll to the next image in the gallery, not the next image in your search results. To work around this annoying behavior, open the image from the search results page by right clicking the image, and choosing, "Open link in new tab/window"

Troubleshooting image search

Q:  I did the race, but no images are found for my bib/plate number.

A:  Occasionally the plate number isn't visible in a photo so we can't tag the image properly.  In this case, try searching for "no tag" or "untagged" in the search box.  And, see the next question!

Q:  I did the race, but no images are found for my bib/plate number, and there are no images of me that are found using the "no tag" or "untagged" search.

A: There are a couple of possibilities.  We may have mistagged your photo.  It is rare, and we try to proofread all tags but mistakes can happen. If you notice a photo with an incorrect number tag, or, you can't find an image of yourself, please contact us:  Another unfortunate possibility is that we may not have captured an image of you racing.  We try our hardest to photograph every racer, but sometimes we miss somebody or the picture just doesn't meet our high quality standards.  In these cases, accept our apologies, and hope we see you at a future race where we can photograph you!  You can always contact us to see if we can help find a photo that may be mistagged.

Q: I searched your site and found dozens and dozens of photos with my tag number, but they are from different races.  Can I search just my race?

A:  If this happens, you may have used the search box on the Home Page, which searches the entire web site.  Try clicking into the Gallery for your race, and performing the search using the search box on that page.  This should display only results for the race you want.

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